viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

is halloween and i love it

here is a combo of halloween illustration , hoo yeahhh!! because i love halloween yeiiiii!!!

this ones was for te art show of " la marcha zombie" here in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

this one was for the theme of the week in the blog of girls drawing girls
"zombie prom queen"

this one was just for fun , i just want to make a funy horror movie poster and here it is

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  1. Respuestas
    1. you can find the poster here

  2. thank you ;) and tahnk you

    I want to know where can I sale my prints, could you recomend me a place I am still new on all this XD

  3. Estan bien chidos todos pero yo quiero un poster grandote de la Queen!!!

    1. puedes ya conseguir el poster de la zombie aki mi amigo

  4. i really like your pizza with the ninja turtle one. what was the inspiration??